10 December 2007 @ 07:44 pm
Well, Nas and I were supposed to go see The Golden Compass Friday, but she ditched, so I went with White Jessica. Nas texted me via cell phone that she'd see it with me and Jes (the asian one) on Sunday.
Saturday evening, Stefanie, her boyfriend, Pilon, Bryan/Brian, Nas, Jes and I went to hang out at Denny's and Fred Meyers. Nas said if Jes wasn't going to go, she wasn't going to go, then proceeded to say that she had a ton of AP Gov homework anyway.
This morning Nas tells me that she and Jes watched PoTC and hung out and decorated her Christmas Tree then went to bed.

. . . Okay. That's so ridiculous and lame, but whatever. It doesn't quite matter. I won't see them after we graduate.

I tried to leave at 10:05 instead of 10:10 in Health Club. I felt like Ms. Albert was being very condescending when she slowly turned her head, smiled and said, "No, it's too early. It's too early. Go back and do it for a couple more minutes."
Who is she to know whether or not it's "too early" for me to get to my college class? It's not as if I was trying to leave right when I arrived. Ugh. I continued the insane Gilad Step Aerobics video for a couple minutes and left. When I arrived at the locker room door, it was locked. I shouted profanity at the door and cursed Ms. Albert's name, then continued my way back where I came from, probably looking like a complete idiot on the way.
She gave me the keys, and I headed to the locker room. I think I continued to string curse words in a long sentence when I made my way back, making it look as if I were insane.

I got picked up after lunch started by White Jessica to go to SPSCC, since she had just woken up after I left Health Club to call her. We didn't have class (and don't until Wednesday for our final) but we were supposed to meet Cameron and Grace there to study for a little while. They weren't at the library, and we ended up staying there for twenty minutes just going over the vocabulary list (which is about a seventh of the whole curriculum) then spent around an hour at the sub playing foosball.
While we were leaving, I saw Colleen drive by. Hi Colleen! I get excited when I see people I know in public. I'm not sure if that happens to anyone else, though. I also saw Zack Lyons in the sub. I don't think he recognized me when I walked by.

My favorite part now, is that I have to go and try to remember a quarter's worth of Osteology notes in one and a half days before the final. Crunch time!
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