06 November 2007 @ 04:51 pm
I was eyed by an old construction worker. I asked Jessica if he was attractive, and she said, "Not by a long shot."

Also we almost ran over one of those tiny, yappy dogs. I found out where it came from (which happened to be a tiny, yappy dog farm) and that retarded thing + it's white friend had dug through under the fence.
I wrote a note and left it beyond the fence as far as I could drop it with my small arms. Hopefully they'll read it. (It was something along the lines of: I almost hit your dog. Keep them on a leash. Kthx. <3 drivers of America.)
The one thing that was really ridiculous and made me want to punch someone was their stupid sign. It read, "We [the tiny, yappy dogs] can run to the gate in 30 seconds. How about you?" which I think they meant as to be threatening. But it isn't threatening, as they are tiny. Like midget dogs that wouldn't shut up.
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