22 March 2007 @ 10:33 pm
after school, doing a lab with Ryan (who is also good friends with Stefanie and Jeremy):

Ryan: -notices me holding up a bottle of Scope from a lab basket-
Oh hey yeah, I bet you drink that every morning, don't you?

Me: -holds hands on hips and looks at the ceiling- Yeah, I drink it eeeveryday.

It made him laugh because I said it with a totally serious face. xD He's awesome. He's a senior.
There was a Diet Pepsi bottle out on the lab desk because some other group was doing a lab about it.

Him; I'm so thirsty. Is that past the expiration date?
Me; -checks- Hmm, no..
Him; -looks for cups-
Me; xD We don't have cups. Just drink it out of a clean beaker.
Him; hey that's a good idea. -cleans out a beaker and fills it with pop-
Me; [ I didn't think he would actually do it. ]
Him; -guzzles it- Shshh, don't tell.

we agreed that if he died, I'd kill myself in compensation so we could hang out as ghosts.
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