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2009-05-30 10:53 am

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2008-02-02 09:51 pm

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This makes me laugh so hard.

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2007-12-10 07:44 pm

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Well, Nas and I were supposed to go see The Golden Compass Friday, but she ditched, so I went with White Jessica. Nas texted me via cell phone that she'd see it with me and Jes (the asian one) on Sunday.
Saturday evening, Stefanie, her boyfriend, Pilon, Bryan/Brian, Nas, Jes and I went to hang out at Denny's and Fred Meyers. Nas said if Jes wasn't going to go, she wasn't going to go, then proceeded to say that she had a ton of AP Gov homework anyway.
This morning Nas tells me that she and Jes watched PoTC and hung out and decorated her Christmas Tree then went to bed.

. . . Okay. That's so ridiculous and lame, but whatever. It doesn't quite matter. I won't see them after we graduate.

I tried to leave at 10:05 instead of 10:10 in Health Club. I felt like Ms. Albert was being very condescending when she slowly turned her head, smiled and said, "No, it's too early. It's too early. Go back and do it for a couple more minutes."
Who is she to know whether or not it's "too early" for me to get to my college class? It's not as if I was trying to leave right when I arrived. Ugh. I continued the insane Gilad Step Aerobics video for a couple minutes and left. When I arrived at the locker room door, it was locked. I shouted profanity at the door and cursed Ms. Albert's name, then continued my way back where I came from, probably looking like a complete idiot on the way.
She gave me the keys, and I headed to the locker room. I think I continued to string curse words in a long sentence when I made my way back, making it look as if I were insane.

I got picked up after lunch started by White Jessica to go to SPSCC, since she had just woken up after I left Health Club to call her. We didn't have class (and don't until Wednesday for our final) but we were supposed to meet Cameron and Grace there to study for a little while. They weren't at the library, and we ended up staying there for twenty minutes just going over the vocabulary list (which is about a seventh of the whole curriculum) then spent around an hour at the sub playing foosball.
While we were leaving, I saw Colleen drive by. Hi Colleen! I get excited when I see people I know in public. I'm not sure if that happens to anyone else, though. I also saw Zack Lyons in the sub. I don't think he recognized me when I walked by.

My favorite part now, is that I have to go and try to remember a quarter's worth of Osteology notes in one and a half days before the final. Crunch time!
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2007-11-06 04:51 pm

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I was eyed by an old construction worker. I asked Jessica if he was attractive, and she said, "Not by a long shot."

Also we almost ran over one of those tiny, yappy dogs. I found out where it came from (which happened to be a tiny, yappy dog farm) and that retarded thing + it's white friend had dug through under the fence.
I wrote a note and left it beyond the fence as far as I could drop it with my small arms. Hopefully they'll read it. (It was something along the lines of: I almost hit your dog. Keep them on a leash. Kthx. <3 drivers of America.)
The one thing that was really ridiculous and made me want to punch someone was their stupid sign. It read, "We [the tiny, yappy dogs] can run to the gate in 30 seconds. How about you?" which I think they meant as to be threatening. But it isn't threatening, as they are tiny. Like midget dogs that wouldn't shut up.
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2007-10-21 03:35 pm

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While I was picking out candy yesterday at the Commissary, some old guy was right beside me. He looks at me, and starts chuckling and his eyes are roving everywhere. And by everywhere I mean up and down.
It was the single most creepiest thing that has happened to me ever.
I was just like, "Hahahaha... ha." and left.
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2007-10-18 03:50 pm

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So, Coltan. Was that song for who I think it was? :]

Jes and Josh Basco are going out. IN YOUR FUCKING FACE! Yeesss. She didn't believe me when I said I would be able to persuade him, and whaaat? I totally did it.
Obviously I am magical.

Whoever hasn't seen the latest It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia needs to go see it. Right now.
Here's the Night Man and Day Man clips on Youtube. It'll change your life.
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2007-10-04 09:30 pm

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Ugh I feel horrible right now. It feels like jet lag or something.

Goddamnit, if any of them have given me the cold, I will hunt them.
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2007-09-14 04:02 pm

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Stolen from [ profile] howlingoffkey

1. Go to
2. Put in Username: nycareers, Password: landmark.
3. Take their "Career Matchmaker" questions.
4. Post the top ten results

1. Mental Health Nurse
2. Naturopath
3. Social Worker
4. Addictions Counselor
5. Midwife
6. Recreation Therapist
7. Acupuncturist
8. Nurse Practitioner
9. Art / Music Therapist
10. Gerontologist

... Psychiatrist (23), Psychologist (25), and Doctor (28). Damn.

Mental Health Nurse, Naturopath, Nurse Practitioner.. hrm. They're all along the medical field anyway.
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2007-09-13 01:49 pm

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I feel extremely better after eating 6-7 pieces of Dove Chocolate.

Here's a nice, detailed personality quiz based on archetypes.
You are a Genuine Analyst.
I find it extremely accurate.

goodbye m.

helloooo new kid (aka Josh)
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2007-07-29 07:47 pm

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I was called a dictating, egomanical, bitch.

It made my day, especially since it was from a twelve year old.
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2007-06-14 05:28 pm

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I dislike people a lot right now. Jesus christ.
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2007-06-06 07:51 pm

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I am going to get a verizon cell phone within a week or two.
I am excited like no one's business.
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2007-05-25 03:49 pm

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I was being bad last night.
I told Nas about it today, and she was like, "You're so raunchy with him."

I told her later that 'raunchy' reminded me of ranch.

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2007-03-22 10:33 pm

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after school, doing a lab with Ryan (who is also good friends with Stefanie and Jeremy):

Ryan: -notices me holding up a bottle of Scope from a lab basket-
Oh hey yeah, I bet you drink that every morning, don't you?

Me: -holds hands on hips and looks at the ceiling- Yeah, I drink it eeeveryday.

It made him laugh because I said it with a totally serious face. xD He's awesome. He's a senior.
There was a Diet Pepsi bottle out on the lab desk because some other group was doing a lab about it.

Him; I'm so thirsty. Is that past the expiration date?
Me; -checks- Hmm, no..
Him; -looks for cups-
Me; xD We don't have cups. Just drink it out of a clean beaker.
Him; hey that's a good idea. -cleans out a beaker and fills it with pop-
Me; [ I didn't think he would actually do it. ]
Him; -guzzles it- Shshh, don't tell.

we agreed that if he died, I'd kill myself in compensation so we could hang out as ghosts.
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2007-01-05 08:06 pm

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so.. we have to take the WASL again this year.
and I thought Gregoire dealt with passing the math section not being needed for graduation.
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2006-12-26 10:48 am

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It seems as if almost everyone had a sucky christmas.

< 3
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2006-12-22 05:21 pm

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I had the most random dream.

Michael (N.) posted a video he took of "the group" (some of them were Danny, Curran, Coltan, Colleen, and Marina) skateboarding on rails near the Joy music store.
Curran tried it, and his skateboard slipped so he fell. His head landed on asphalt, and a pool of blood seaped out from underneath.

Michael's post (it was on LJ, afterall) said something like, "We were skateboarding and Curran died. We didn't know what to do, so we buried him."

After a few days of mass confusion, Michael posted again. It turned out that Curran died because he wanted to.
"It was a well thought out suicide plan." he posted. He didn't say how he knew. He just "did".

After another day, someone from the group (I think Colleen) found a piece of paper from Curran's room. It had math calculations on it about the certain angle he would have to fall from to land on the asphalt hard enough to crack his skull and die.
Because, (in my dream), the rails were only about an inch smaller than Curran's height.

Everyone became depressed and lethargic, mulling things over. Why would he want to die?
Who would have thought Curran would do suicide? He was that smart?

Practically all of Yelm came to the place that Curran was buried, and they had some three second funeral.

I woke up feeling sad because someone I knew died.
Then I realized it was a dream.
That was possibily the most random and depressing dream I have ever had in my life.
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2006-12-03 12:13 am

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These are the two things that will make you worship life.

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2006-11-30 08:41 pm

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4-5 page essay about family values and how they changed in "The Grapes of Wrath".

a book(let) with 4 chapters with a nice fat list of key people and places I have to include about WWII, max 700 words. Handwritten.

my left arm has been aching all day.