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I had the most random dream.

Michael (N.) posted a video he took of "the group" (some of them were Danny, Curran, Coltan, Colleen, and Marina) skateboarding on rails near the Joy music store.
Curran tried it, and his skateboard slipped so he fell. His head landed on asphalt, and a pool of blood seaped out from underneath.

Michael's post (it was on LJ, afterall) said something like, "We were skateboarding and Curran died. We didn't know what to do, so we buried him."

After a few days of mass confusion, Michael posted again. It turned out that Curran died because he wanted to.
"It was a well thought out suicide plan." he posted. He didn't say how he knew. He just "did".

After another day, someone from the group (I think Colleen) found a piece of paper from Curran's room. It had math calculations on it about the certain angle he would have to fall from to land on the asphalt hard enough to crack his skull and die.
Because, (in my dream), the rails were only about an inch smaller than Curran's height.

Everyone became depressed and lethargic, mulling things over. Why would he want to die?
Who would have thought Curran would do suicide? He was that smart?

Practically all of Yelm came to the place that Curran was buried, and they had some three second funeral.

I woke up feeling sad because someone I knew died.
Then I realized it was a dream.
That was possibily the most random and depressing dream I have ever had in my life.

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